A few favourite photos from 2012

Poor neglected blog – it’s ages since I uploaded anything!

Anyway, onwards and upwards. Yes, it’s a month late for a ‘looking-back’ post, but today is apparently the top day for the post-Christmas blues, so I think a few sunny pics would go down well! So, how about a few photos of some of our favourite events and trips from last year?


We had a family weekend in Dartmouth to celebrate Tom’s Dad’s birthday. The weekend mainly consisted of large meals interspersed with short walks! This was the view from our hotel room window – looking over the locked harbour.

View from our hotel room window in Dartmouth

View from our hotel room window in Dartmouth


A trip up to Harrogate to visit some very dear friends including my godson.

Harrogate tropical visitor centre

Nice and blurry for that artistic effect. Or it could have been a bit steamy in ‘Tropical World’.


The other end of the country for a weekend with family in Cornwall. When in Cornwall, we ALWAYS go for a walk on the beach. Note the hardy natives with their frost-proof bare feet. I think they must have anti-freeze in their blood!



The annual Old Boys v Killer Bees American Football match at the University of Bath. Tom usually gets roped into refereeing. As time goes by there are more ‘WAGs’ and kids on the sidelines (and photobombing the team photo). This photo also proves that I don’t only get my camera out when the sun is shining!

American football match


Tom’s birthday falls in May. This year we made an effort to organise a lovely dinner in town with a gang of friends. I booked a surprise cake for the dessert and asked them to put “Happy Birthday Tom” on it. When we arrived – early as usual, but we wanted to stake out a space at the bar – the hostess checked her list and said in a bouncy, helpful tone: “So when would you like the cake?” D’oh!

Tom's birthday


This photo represents a lovely day I had with some friends I rarely see. We went to the Thermae Bath Spa and had drinks on the terrace at one of my favourite restaurants. Happy Summer days.

Sunny day in Bath

Here’s a bonus photo from our June trip to Rome. This was completely spontaneous. We had a week off and were supposed to be going down to Cornwall. The weather was so awful that we were thinking of staying home; then we both got called into work on Monday…

Monday lunchtime I got online and booked the tickets, Monday night we booked a hotel, Tuesday morning we packed and left! It was great! We’ve agreed that we must plan to be spontaneous more often 🙂

At the Trevi Fountain, Rome

At the Trevi Fountain, Rome


This photo was taken on perhaps the most cheering day we had in Bristol all year. After weeks of rain, it was miraculously hot and sunny for my godson’s second birthday. We went to Bristol Zoo to see the animatronic dinosaurs (and the real animals too). We all had a great time. Later on, Tom and I went into town for the Harbour Festival and then walked up to Clifton for an evening in The Albion with some other friends.

At Bristol Zoo with C; that t shirt was obviously a summer staple!


Our amazing holiday to Croatia. A group of 12 of us went for a week of sailing round the Dalmatian Islands and for a few extra days in Trogir. I could bore you with a hundred photos of sails against blue sky and sea, but really, one sail looks very much like another. Instead, here’s a super pic of me leaning on an rough old door.

I love old doors

I love old doors


The highlight of the month was Tom’s Mum’s wedding. It was an amazingly joyful day!

My favourite parts were Tom’s reading during the service (from 1 Corinthians) and Patrick’s hilarious ‘Son of the Bride’ speech. His opening line was “Mum asked me to make a toast, so I asked her if she wanted brown or white”!

Sue and David's wedding

Making friends with a newly extended family. Photo by Steve Todd.


Lunch with Tom’s Granny at the Inn on the Beach on Hayling Island. We couldn’t stop watching the clouds!

October in Hayling Island


Season of mists etc. Tom and I had several walks out in the woods to see the colours. We even went up to Westonburt Arboretum, but this one is from the woods near us at Oldbury Court. To get this photo, I clambered up a steep, slippery and muddy bank, hanging on to twigs to keep my balance. As you might guess, I then couldn’t get back down and Tom had to rescue me!

Beech leaves

Another bonus photo – this one from Tom’s phone. I like this picture because at the time I was on the phone to a friend discussing her forthcoming wedding with great excitement.

November (2)


In my family my Grandpa always used to take formal group photos at family get togethers using the self timer. He would set it running and then do a comedy jog back to his place, plonking himself down in the middle, usually with a hilarious expression on his face. Of course these were all pre-digital so we never knew how they would turn out!

This Christmas just gone I decided to bust out his old tripod and see if I could follow in his footsteps. The photo worked, but in flinging myself down I set the dog off!

Christmas in Lincolnshire

What a lovely year! This year promises to be equally exciting.

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