Day 16: Last Day

Our last full day on honeymoon and we decided to have a bit of a touristy day and visit some of the local attractions.

The California Old Faithful geyser is a little sibling to the more famous Old Faithful in Yellowstone. Apparently, the more often it erupts, the less likely is an earthquake.The geyser erupted about every 10 minutes we were there, which made us confident we were safe!

Another timer shot from our trusty gorilla pod!

Our next stop was the Petrified Forest, created 3 million years ago by a volcanic eruption which knocked down and buried a stand of redwood trees.

A petrified tree. Looks like a tree, feels cold like rock. Curious.

Next we drove over to Napa town. We intended to visit “Copia“, which the guidebook told us was a food and wine based cultural centre and ‘visitor experience’ with lovely gardens. We shouldn’t have trusted the guidebook, since it turned out to have closed down a couple of years earlier! Apparently it was a bit of a grand design by the celebrated winemaker Robert Mondavi, but it never attracted enough visitors to be viable. Pity. The gardens still looked lovely, but we didn’t fancy trespassing and instead went to the Oxbow Public Market next door for lunch and a bit of Christmas shopping.

Followed by a wander round the [slightly run down dare I say] town centre and, for Tom, a bit more wine tasting at Vintners Collective, representing small-scale producers.

Driving back to Calistoga along the Silverado Trail – i.e. the pretty way.

Taken from a moving car!

The vineyards are beautifully maintained and frequently bordered by olive trees, flowerbeds and lavender hedges.

Back in Calistoga it was a bit of shopping for volcanic spa products and some beautiful pottery, a bit of a walk, a bit of sorting out and then a final blow out dinner at Brannan’s.


The date was 16 November 2011. Next – more Calistoga photos.

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