Day 11: Driving to San Francisco

Another (mainly) travel day!!

We got up relatively early, raided the the Yosemite Lodge food hall for breakfast and then hit the road to San Francisco, stopping only to visit the Bridal Veil Falls on the way out of the park.The Falls were quite stunning with the mist blowing one way and then the other as the breeze changed.

Bridal Veil Falls

To be honest not much happened on the way to San Francisco. The highlight of the trip was passing a truck carrying two Bat Mobiles.

Holy smoke Batman - that's the Bat Mobile!!

Other than that it just rained for the whole journey. A lot. All the way until we were crossing the Bay Bridge, when it stopped. Oh and our sat nav (optimistically called “Never Lost”) got slightly confused by a change in the road system which meant that we went in small circles for a while.

In San Francisco we met up with Dom and Jes (and their cats Killer and Jules Verne) who had kindly agreed to put us up for a few nights.

Killer and Jules Verne (oh and Dom and Jes)

After quaffing a few glasses of champagne we adjourned, via a nice bar or two, to a Peruvian restaurant called Limón where we ate fantastic chicken and other tasty dishes, before wending our way back home via some more (increasing seedy) bars and retiring for the night in a happy frame of mind.

The date was 11 November 2011. Next day – Day 12: Hanging out in San Francisco.


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