Day 8: Kings Canyon National Park

Yesterday we woke up in the desert, today we woke up to snow at 7000 feet!

John Muir Lodge in Grant Grove Village - our lovely hotel

There will be a lot of photos of trees in this post because we’d come to see the giant sequoias. The first thing we did after breakfast was to head down to the Grant Grove.

The General Grant Tree

The fallen roots of a hollow sequoia

In General Grant Grove

The size of them is astonishing, even though you are expecting it.


Sequoia - Jenny included for scale

Before we go any further, I must digress into the important topic of Bears.

Black Bears

In the National Parks you are constantly confronted by signs and warnings all over the place about the threat of Bear attacks, particularly if you’re carrying any food or if you leave anything in your car. All the available literature (e.g. guide books, National Park guides) includes dire warnings about the danger of Bears and the high probability of death.

English: American Black Bear in Yosemite Valley.

A Bear we didn't see. (Image via Wikipedia)

Unsurprisingly then, I was a little bit nervous about walking in the forests when there weren’t all that many other people about. Tom teased me for looking around every time I heard a noise (i.e. constantly) and for scanning the hillsides for signs of Bears.

Needless to say, we didn’t see any Bears and all my vigilance was for naught.

Later, and on the excellent advice of the lady in the gift shop, we drove the Kings Canyon Scenic Byway stopping for ‘hikes’ around Zumwalt Meadows and Hume Lake.

On the Kings Canyon Scenic Highway

Zumwalt Meadow

Hume Lake

There’s not a lot to do in the evening up in the mountains – we had some dinner at the restaurant (there’s only one), then sat around the big fire in the lodge chatting to some of the other guests and reading.

Please see the gallery for more photos! (NB: click on the photos for larger versions/slideshow.)

The date was 8 November 2011. Next day – Day 9: Kings Canyon and Yosemite.


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