Day 3: Palm Springs

Palm Springs is famous for mid-20th century modernist architecture. This morning we went for a walk round town to check out some of the buildings and have lunch at a 50’s themed diner. As you can tell, the weather continued hot and sunny in the desert.

Palm Springs architecture

Palm lined streets in Palm Springs

After our farewells to Patty and Larry, we headed out towards Nipton. We took the scenic route through the Mojave desert passing through Joshua Tree, Bristol Dry Lake and Kelso, and crossing the legendary Route 66.

Patty and Larry

The restaurant at Nipton was already closed so we had to travel over the state border to Primm, Nevada to get some food. We ended up in a casino restaurant, which was a bit surreal!

Please see the gallery for more photos! (NB: click on the photos for larger versions/slideshow.)

The date was 3 November 2011. Next day – Day 4: Nipton and Mojave.


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